Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My digital life

I think 90% of my day is spent online or technically 'er bound as if the computer were an extension of my physical self. There is the part of me that wonders how this happened and the bigger part of me that knows. Other than driving my car and sleeping, I would have to say that I'm almost consistently in front of a computer, television, iPad or some other portable means to divert my attention...I wonder what it's doing to my brain...

I do love me some internet though. Nothing is better than that f*cking "Stumble Upon" program or playing to entertain my ever dwindling attention toward work and personal art. I often think, "what would digital me would look like?"

Lets say that artificial intellegence did get to a superior point in our existence and it decided not to obliterate humanity in a technological apocalypse, and instead they decide to give mankind the gift of immortality by finding a way to download our conscious, sub-conscious and/or collective unconscious into a pool of data, streaming for eternity throughout the electro-magnectic airwaves, or something or other (my longest run-on sentence ever)...Neat thought, saw it on some NOVA show in class when I was 6.

Alright. This just happened. Our 83 y.o. minds are officially uploaded (Yep. We're old. Sorry dead old friends)...Do we see each other? Are we literally just swirling in this pool (I hope not. Dark water is too much as it is). Perhaps our sub-conscious selves now show their true identities--what would you look like? More importantly, if this were possible/did happen, would this affirm the existence of souls? Is that a whole other discussion? Sorry. Blew your mind for a second.

Personally, I think I would look amorphic, but resemble something of a human for that is all I knew from birth what to look like. No one ever told me, "You don't have to be human." --Maybe they did...I don't remember. Once more, I think I would be bright orange and swirly spiky. Looking at me will be like an acid trip. I would tell you to prepare for a journey of color and explosions. I WOULD tell you, but chances are that I don't have an actual voice.

Truthfully, I would love to be uploaded into some type of cyborg unit.
"Take me mechanical humanoid! Make me shiny with the ability to successfully perform the robot!"

And we would be able to customize our new bodies, adorning them with trinkets, tubes, weapons, not weapons--what have you. Lets face it, you can take the mind out of the body, but you can't take the mind out fashion forward thinking.
I would have some device that glowed a radioactive orange and green, pulsating in my chest like an exposed heart. My eyes would glow an icy red to suggest to other cyborg onlookers that I was extremely pissed off when really I just had an unscratch-able itch. A tattoo for a cyborg would be more like the graffiti we see on subway trains and tall buildings. OF COURSE I would have a graffitoo (thats right! I named it). It would be the wall image that the boy made a mural of on Sister Act 2. Ode to you, Whoopi! My voice would be deep, brooding and extremely charming (oh wait. have that now *slaps knee*).

So I got all this from sitting at my computer. Funny, I feel like a cyborg now. Being constantly at my computer screen, looking into an artificial representation of a real world makes me feel like I kind of already exist in the world I've created. Hm.... *busts out into the robot*

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sam said...

Graffitoo is my new favorite word.