Thursday, January 6, 2011

A billion plus Infinity...

Sooo. Parallel universes....yeahhh.

Rather, I would like to call them parallel existences; a parallel universe is exponentially more broad than I care to touch upon. (though that is essentially what this rant is about)

If they exist, there has to be AT LEAST an infinite number of them. Each one would be a different path or choice that you didn't make in the current existence you are living. From those parallel existences, there stems out another infinite number of parallel universes (that's a lot. good thing I have an infinite number of fingers to count) of the choices that the not-yous didn't make either...And these simultaneously spawned existences of choices you didn't make would apply to every thing that exists and has the potential to be altered by variable situations. That is a mind bending thought.

There is probably even a parallel existence (or million) that doesn't even include me as a factor. Perhaps back in the grand ol' day of my parents and their youth, they decided that pot was much more economically sustainable than two additional children and thus, so long Zack (or rather, never hello).

I suppose that the idea past theorizing intelligence gave about time travel and the concept that, altering the past slightly could dramatically influence the present, could be applied to our parallel being. This is such an awesome concept! By doing or not doing something I've influenced another me--a not-me of different existence and just like that a domino effect.

Screw time-travel. Lets find away for me to interact with my parallel selves. We can flail about with a giant net, like catching a swarm of butterflies, and gather up everyone I am and put us in our own universe where we all interact together......I probably wouldn't even like my other selves, but I suppose there would be enough of myself to keep me entertained.

Somewhere out there is a female Zack. Zoe? and who is the original Zack? Clearly my ego-centric mind feels that I am the original, but what if I'm existence number 294811987 of ? To that I say
Potentially, the ability to jump parallel existences does happen on another plane, but would I even recognize myself? Would I look completely different than what I am now? What if I dated a parallel me or played with myself in the park when I was a kid (wait a minute...). In conclusion, me and myself will take over all universes and make you bow before us (me). End.

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jibarra said...

I don't think we ever fully had or finished our discussion on this, which may be what's thrown us on this cosmic odyssey.

It's interesting that we constantly cross paths with our avatars. Two people who join the company the day after we leave, someone you go to school with but rarely if ever talk to, a stranger your friend sees on Facebook who could pass for your double. We create an intricate web of experiences, with all of our parallel existences intermeshing interdependently.

If we knew the link shared, could we stomach them running amok around the world, or how they are magnifications of our greatest strengths or weaknesses? What would our conscience do if we knew what they'd done to friends of ours? Then again, what sense of hope could they give us, showing us all that we can still achieve now or in a hundred years?

Then again, could they accept us if they knew what we were to them?

The human mind was not made to be aware of the true intricacies of the reality web, thus select individuals can break the boundaries of one dimension and cross to the next. To anyone attempting it, they really will begin to see the same face over and over. Would that they enjoyed it to begin with... ;)