Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dream 11915, Part I: My Miniature Wings

Me and 2 others set out on an adventure in what seemed to be a large land. In my head, however, I had known that we are actually miniaturized, to the size of mice. The world we ventured was dark, filled with glowing greens and purples. We would hurdle large roots of plants and weave through thick blades of grass and weeds. We would stop to encounter an enemy. After their defeat, three glowing artifacts would descend the heavens, in a pool of light and we would claim our prize. The goal for myself, the warlock/wizard of the group of us, was my wings. The wings were an ultimate increase in my abilities and allowed me protect my allies from the sky. After the second fight, with a large cartoony bulldog-looking ratlike beast, my wings revealed itself. Attached to me, they loomed over my head like a large umbrella and fell halfway down my back.

I awoke briefly before eventually falling back to sleep...

Dream 11915, Part II: The End of the World and Spaceships

This dream repeated itself a few times, whether it was to make sure I escaped the planet or to make me more aware of the dream, itself.

I was in a downtown outdoor shopping area with a few of my friends and family when an alarm sounds. No one knows exactly what is happening, except for me. The world is ending. Suddenly magma begins to surface through the sewers, slow at first, before erupting through cracks and crevices, filling the streets quicker and quicker.

We begin to make our way through a series of buildings that go from being a regular shop and into a more sophisticated metal surrounding with lights and buttons, like a secret base for highly intelligent beings. Eventually, we make our way back outside. Now however, there are millions of people crowded together on a plateau, atop a large mountain. Looking over the edge I see the magma begin to slowly rise. The world below the plateau is nothing more now, then a sea of red heat climbing steadily to our destination. A few minutes go by and I notice my family and some friends I haven't seen in awhile. Everyone is frightened.

As the sea climbs, the heat becomes near unbearable. From below the plateau, what seems like a large metal wall surfaces, surrounding us all. Its about as tall as a football field, except theres about a 40 foot gap between each wall-like surrounding piece. "This wont protect us", I think. The red is now visible at eye level. It is only a few minutes before it begins to spill into this plateau, killing us all.

As I look around, I begin to notice people disappearing into a small ball of light before becoming what looks like a perfectly round stone and attaching to one of the walls as the walls begin to ascend, detaching from the mountain and floating into the sky. It's then I realize that these are ships. End of the world ships meant to help people get to safety. Most people. Not me it would seem as the get higher and higher and I have not been transformed into this little round stone.

The sea breeches the wall as I see the magma begin to rush toward to me. In the last moment, I feel doomed as a tingly feeling overcomes my whole body and before I know it I'm floating above the sea. Higher and higher. As I get farther from the earth I can see that the entire planet is consumed. Our homes are lost and the Earth is now a miniature version of the massive star it orbits.

I notice I don't have hands and feet but still a consciousness. I must be one of those round stones now. I move quickly as I come up on one of the tall wall-like ships before entering one of them, twisting through a series of small pipes and ending up in what looks like a cockpit for stones. A voice dawns my mind and says "Now you know. Be quicker next time". The dream then repeats.