Friday, January 8, 2016

Dream 010816

Dream last night: I was set to marry an old school female school friend. We make this giant Indian style wedding with a giant tent filled deep reds and purples, elaborate lanterns, and gold embellishments. The opening of the tent faced a large round town center with a fountain. The tent was huge and spanned for miles with different rooms attached to the sides, along the way. The beginning was bright and warm, having only about 20 people I knew from the past occupying it, including my future wife. I decided to go for a walk and see the rest of the tent. Toward the front of the tent I see Mikey in one of the rooms talking to my family, sitting on a wicker chair. The long stretch of tent leading toward the back starts to get darker. It's poorly lit with more velvety walls and elaborate street lights every 100 feet or so to light the path. I can only make out a few people leaning against the walls of the tent--black masses at best. I feel unnerved by this so pick up the pace to get to the end of the tent. As I start to get toward back a beat starts to be heard in a distance. It becomes more and more crowded and I start to recognize people I've known more recently.  As I enter the very back, the beat is heavy, the giant u-turn shaped room is dark, lit by fluorescents, the occasional fire breathing mechanism. A giant disco ball hangs in the center with a large dance floor underneath, occupied to the brim. The room is kind of hazy from smoke machines, but I make out one of my San Diego friends talking to some of my other friends I've come to know recently. As I walk up him, I begin to notice a change in his face, and all their faces. It was tight, skin stretched to its max, and in place of their mouths were six pencil sized holes, the rest of the mouth being skin--no lips. They have  tracheo-oesophageal punctures in their throat but speak through it perfectly. When they smile, the 6 holes stretch to create a weird long, oval-shaped skin smile. I don't really mind the new creative decision, but I start to walk with him around the party scene and tell him what I've been up to and what I'm doing. He laughs and tells me I should just stay and party. Everyone I like is there and having fun, he suggests. I look at the distorted face and look back toward the entrance at the distant light of the opening as the beat stops--it's time for me to get married. I thank him for the invite, but begin to make my way back. As I do, the long mid passage of velvety, poor lit walls, becomes brighter and I begin to make up more people than before, against the walls. I'm about to hit the last stretch before the opening and a hand reaches out and grabs my arm. I turn around to see my same San Diego friend. Looking at him, I was astounded to see that his face was normal again--no weird alterations. He greets me with joy and says he's happy to see me. I express that we'd just seen each other back there to which he explains that he hasn't had the chance to go back there yet and that everyone I know is right here. He tells me he's sad to see me marry the wrong person and I tell him it's normal not to get what you want. He kindly disagrees and hugs me goodbye as I continue my journey back the front. As I'm walking up I look to the room Mikey was sitting in before, to find that the door is shut. This makes my heart sinks. When I get back to the front of the tent I realize I can't go through with the marriage anymore and seek out my old school friend to tell her. She's out in the town center where she's speaking with some of our other friends. I sit her down and just tell her I cannot. She begins to cry and shouts how I'm fake and don't deserve anyone. Before I can apologize again, feeling guilty, she runs off. Feeling hopeless I sit down on the fountain and stare at the giant wedding tent. The rain begins to pick up and quickly turns into a thick sludge. It really starts to come down and I realize that I need to get back to the tent otherwise I might get trapped in the sludge. Slowly I wade back to the tent, eventually getting there. Covered in the mess I run toward the closed door that Mikey was in enter. The room is white canvas walls with eggshell shag carpet. It's bright and warm, with a single window letting in the light. I don't see him as I look from corner to corner. Just as I give up a tap on my shoulder alerts me to turn around. I see Mikey standing there, in all white. And before I can say anything, he hugs me. Sludge and all.

Riddled with subconscious interpretation, but a vivid dream. I wish I had time to draw out the craziness of it to really make an impression.

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